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Starting on September 17th I begin my epic journey around Great Britain and its Isles. I have no end date just a beginning. So get ready for scenic views, epic trails and van life stories. Share in my adventure and see how I learn to leave my crazy London life behind and live in a tiny 15 square metre metal box on wheels. Follow my route and van-life lifestyle, including great places to visit, where to stop on the road and even van kitchen recipe ideas.


Finally got a little visitor!

For my latest adventure, I got a little travel buddy happy to escape in the school holidays. We headed back up to the North Norfolk...


The amount of times I’ve passed this incredible place on the way back from the SouthWest and never stopped! This time, I had some free...

Surfing progress!

Well…… It turns out that I really am no good at surfing. After three days practice I’m still not great at standing up. The weather...

Surf time!

This year I made a pledge to finally learn to surf! I headed to Wave in Bristol for my first lesson in a fairly well controlled...

Time for some upgrades!

On my last trip there were a few issues I found with living the van life. Frida was fantastic in so many ways, but I definitely felt it...

Not giving up on walking and sightseeing

Being in Lockdown won't stop my passion for walking and sightseeing, even if I am now confined to my local area. I took these photos...

North Norfolk Coast

After staying inland by the broads for a few days, it was time to head to the coast - The North Norfolk Coast! With some of the best...

Back to business in the Van

Time to investigate the nearest county to home, Norfolk. Often associated with the 'older generation', I absolutely love this place and...

Still sightseeing

Its been almost a month since my last post but I thought I'd update with what's been happening. After 5 weeks away, it was time to head...

Scarborough beach

Had a lovely day walking around and taking in the sights of Scarborough. Even on a grey day, this place was so full of colour. It was...

Scarborough beach huts

Love the idea of having one of these beauties to sit in for hours just looking out to sea. I think they might be a little out of my price...

Whitby Bay

Had a lovely visit to Whitby on route to my campsite today. Walked the cobbled streets and up to the Abbey eating cockles in vinegar and...

Time to head South!

Today has been an incredible day of change...... from waking up to a beautiful Autumnal day on Loch Lomond, To stopping off at the...

Ben Lomond

Fantastic climb up Ben Lomond overlooking the beautiful Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park. At 975m it wasn’t quite as high as Ben...

Lochgoilhead wild camp

Stumbled across Lochgoilhead village as I was driving and found an awesome wild camp spot. Woke up to this, this morning. Truly stunning....

Hogwarts express

Got to see the amazing Hogwarts Express today..... Well kind of! One of my must see’s was the Glenfinnan Viaduct. And amazingly I made it...

Ben Nevis

Had an amazing climb yesterday up Ben Nevis. Turns out it’s actually quite high (who’d have guessed being that it‘s Great Britain’s...

Back on the mainland!

After last nights camp in a fairy glen on the Isle of Skye, today was all about travelling back to the mainland and onto Loch Ness. Had...

A Bit of Culture

I’ve been driving all around the Isle of Lewis and Harris seeing various Norse sights along the way. It’s been a real day of culture but...


How Frida became a Campervan

First Window
First Window

Always measure twice, cut once!

Bare Bones
Bare Bones

This is the first stage of battening ready for cladding. Between the battens, electrics and plumbing can start to be laid out.


Every part of this van is curved or bent so fitting cladding was a much longer job than expected! Every plank in this photo took at least three cuts!

Early kitchen
Early kitchen

I've tried recycling as much as possible with this van. Although the appliances are new, the wood is old. This kitchen worktop is made from recycled scaffold boards from another project.

Cozy living
Cozy living

There's no compromise on sleep in the van with this full size double bed. Sleep is the best form of recovery after an active day on the ocean or up a mountain! Storage is maximised using every last inch of space under and alongside the bed.

Spacious living
Spacious living

A large sofa, removable table and multiple storage areas make this space super versatile and yet comfy as I can fully stretch out and watch the world around me.

Follow my progress from the first window to panelling, furniture building and eventually becoming ready for the open road.


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