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Continuing North

I left Bernard Castle and headed North again - well actually due west to start with - and a visit to see my friend on the borders of the Peak District and Lake District. A lovely afternoon chilling with him and looking over his incredible views, followed by the evening spent recovering over a few glasses of Gin in their hot-tub looking at stars.

Early start on my way to collect my friend at Glasgow airport. From now onwards, I'll be travelling with him north to Skye. First stop though was a distillery as it was his only request from Scotland.

Glengoyne distillery was a great first stop. Although I didn't try any Whisky (it's really not my thing - plus I was still getting over the Gin from the night before), I heard from a reliable source (my friend), that it was very good. The £22500, 50 year old bottle was a bit beyond our budget.

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