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From the Caverns and Castles of the Peak District to sunset in the Lake District

Time to move on and head further north today. It started a little poorly when I woke up to find my batteries dead and no power to turn my lights on and see...... After 30 minutes with the engine running on the van (sorry fellow campers around me), I managed to boost up my power enough to get on the road. I guess these are the things you figure out when you convert a van into a campervan. Turns out, inverters use a lot of power, smart alternators do not charge your leisure batteries fully and solar panels can only support your system, not run it. So quick stop at GO OUTDOORS for an electrical hook-up lead and I'm back on my way to the Lake District. I'll have to do some adjusting to the system when I get home in a month or so, so until then, I'll have to make do with electrical hook-ups every few days. Not ideal as I'd planned to be fully self-sufficient, but there were always bound to be hiccups. On a plus note, the weather was amazing again today and I managed to take a short walk to the lake this afternoon, in time to see the awesome sunset over Lake Windermere.

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