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Recycling (good for the planet and money saving)

It's been a while since I've posted anything and those in the UK know that's due to a very, very long lockdown. As such I haven't even seen Frida in over two months and wow am I missing that freedom! The freedom to travel is one of those things I've taken for granted my whole life. Being able to grab my bag and head essentially wherever I wanted to go. With the first lockdown stopping that, and determined not to fully give up my travelling desires, I embarked on making Frida. Money was tight and I knew I needed to recycle and up-cycle as much as possible to make Frida a reality. But little did I realise the value in up-cycled items. Now I couldn't imagine what she would have looked like if new! From recycling old scaffold planks from a previous building project into my beautiful kitchen work surface, to using bits of old television aerials and pallets to form my bathroom window. They've all added character and love to my girl. When considering your own conversion, don't assume you have to spend big bucks to get a beautiful effect - just trying looking outside the box a little (or more precisely, behind the shed!)

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