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Surf time!

This year I made a pledge to finally learn to surf! I headed to Wave in Bristol for my first lesson in a fairly well controlled environment but a great place to start!

I loved the Wave. It reminded me of California with its boardwalks, sound of waves in the background and the Tacos of course.

But after one session there, I felt ready to try some proper surfing in the Sea.

Unfortunately I went to the wrong bit of Sea, and instead of waves, I had glorious still water perfect for a paddle but not much else.

Not complaining though. Just look at how beautiful Kingsands and Cawsands were the weekend I visited!

But now onto more serious surfing. Next I headed to Bude. Thank goodness for Frida Van or my quest to be able to surf would be incredibly expensive.

First day there, it was blowing a gale and pouring with rain (which apparently was idea conditions). My abilities aren’t great. I can stand up occasionally but there’s absolutely no skill or control. But I’ll keep working on it!

Very glad I bought this last week. Kept me super warm in the cold Atlantic Ocean!

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Mad or brave? Either way, glad you're enjoying yourself! 😉

Holly Tucker
Holly Tucker

A bit of both I think. 😂

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