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My name is Holly and like so many others, I haven't been working since the coronavirus pandemic began. So I decided to take on a little project; convert my Mercedes Sprinter Van into a Campervan and use it to travel the length and breadth of our beautiful country (and hopefully beyond when borders fully re-open). It's always been a dream of mine to have a Campervan, and who hasn't imagined themselves hauling a surf board out of their vintage VW Campervan. But budget dictated that a VW was a bit beyond me, and I never turn down a challenge so when someone suggested I convert something myself, I jumped at the chance. I bought Frida (as she's now affectionately called) in late 2019, and she stood still waiting for me to find the time to start the conversion. So maybe you could say it was a sign, when in March 2020 I stopped working and suddenly had all the time in the world. It's not been simple and I've had a lot of help along the way, but she's finally done and now I get to live life the nomadic way! Follow me on my journey. Make suggestions of places to go and things to see. Come and meet me along the way and join in with my travels. The more the merrier!


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