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Amazing day of cycling and paddle boarding around Lake Windermere

Firstly there are some lessons to be learned today:

  1. When you padlock your bike to a railing make sure to check the key you have is for the correct padlock! (One junior hacksaw and one new bike lock later.......)

  2. When Paddling downwind, remember that when you turn around, it gets significantly harder. Sorry Windermere Canoe and Kayak for turning up 20 minutes late - I did go as fast as I could!

Otherwise today was an awesome day. The weather was perfect for paddle boarding this afternoon, with the sun shining and the temperature warm. Plus as I was out in the middle of the Lake, two fighter jets went overhead at 500' and almost knocked me off the board. Loved it! Miss aeroplanes!

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Sep 21, 2020

How did you have the wrong key? Pics are stunning. I think the weather may be getting significantly colder so great day to paddleboard! Xx


Sep 21, 2020

Oh what a couple of days you've had Holly! Ups and downs but mostly great experiences. Carry on regardless 😘

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