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MOT and Ticks!

During the night, I had a sudden thought that my MOT must be due soon. And to my surprise when I checked, not soon, straight away. So I woke up and immediately phoned various garages in Oban as I knew we'd be passing there today. Fortunately a garage had a little space if I could drop Frida off in the afternoon and leave her there. So that was one crisis averted. Here comes the next...... So feeling a little relieved that was sorted, I had an itchy patch on my leg and as I went to scratch, I realised something wasn't quite right. It turns out a tiny Tick had taken residence on my ankle the previous day. And on closer inspection, I found another two (one of whom was decidedly not giving up on his meal). So after freaking out just a little at the thought of developing Lymes Disease, I managed with Christians help, to pluck the suckers off myself and hope for the best that no more were looking on me as their free meal ticket.

So second crisis now averted, and onto Oban! We dropped the van off at the garage, conveniently located close to the town centre so no having to pay for parking, and headed in for a proper seafood lunch. And boy, were we not disappointed!

For just under £20, this was the feast that awaited us. Absolutely incredible and delicious. From Mussels and Squid, to crabs claws, Langoustines and prawns, this was the most incredible locally caught seafood selection I have ever tasted. Totally worth the due MOT and even the dodgy ticks. Great feast to get us over the trauma of the morning.

Then onto our campsite for the night. We parked up at the edge of the Firth of Lorn and watched the sunset over the water. Such a beautifully tranquil spot with Seals swimming in the calm waters and blackberries growing in the bushes around us for our breakfast. Absolutely incredible night stop!

And from this.......

To this.......

This was Christians attempt at a hearty breakfast for our climb up Ben Nevis. To say it was delicious was an understatement. It is the nicest thing ever, to have someone else cook for you!

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