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Ben Nevis in the sunshine!

As you may have seen from an earlier post last year, I have done Ben Nevis before. And I know it's a tough old climb, bearing in mind it's the UK's highest mountain. But I thought since the weather was so good and it's Christians first time to Scotland, that we should give it another go. I almost didn't start though as I awoke dizzy and really not feeling great. Assuming it was the early signs of Lyme's disease, bearing in mind my ticks the previous day, I thought maybe I shouldn't be climbing the 1345m. But luckily my pride and sensibility (there's no way Lyme's disease would kick in that fast) took over and I started the climb. Christian is was too fast for me, but I kept up as much as possible and we quickly overtook everyone we met along the way, to make it to the summit with some short breaks in 3 hours. At the top the sun was shining and it was so warm, I even had time for a quick nap.

The way down was tough on the old knees, but we made it, and since camp was just at the bottom, we could even do some stretching on the grass with the sun shining on us, and do some much needed washing after the sweating of the day.

Overall a fabulous day, but I'm expecting to be achy tomorrow?

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