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Back on the road again!

I’ve got a few weeks left before I have to be back in London to start my Masters, so I decided to take advantage of that time and go away in Frida! With as much planning as I normally do (literally decided the morning I left, where I’d be going) I filled up the water tanks and headed on my way North. All the way to Yorkshire and the market town of Helmsley. I arrived later than planned (thank you Friday afternoon traffic) but had enough time to walk about the town and grab some groceries from the supermarket (again - very little planning on this trip so hadn’t picked up anything including drinking water and what’s a campervan trip without a cuppa on arrival).

Next morning i was up bright and early, ready for a wander. Despite the rain, I took a gorgeous 3 mile walk along the Cleveland Way to Rievaulx Abbey. A stunning example of what would’ve been a booming monastery if Henry VIII hadn’t had his way in 1538 and destroyed it. What remains however, shows just how incredible this site must have been!

After the Abbey, I wandered back to Helmsley to view the other local attractions. Thanks to my newly purchased English Heritage membership I was able to visit Helmsley castle. Another example of ruthless destruction to prove power, the castle had been destroyed during the English civil war (although the soldiers defending it had been allowed to surrender and leave with their weapons - this lead 40 of them to change sides on leaving and join parliamentarIan forces). Despite the ruined appearance, plenty still remained to show what life might have been like.

Finally I took in Helmsley walled gardens for a bit of peace and calm in the afternoon - a lovely walk to finish off a beautifully cultured day.

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