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Castle Chasing

Northumberland must have some of the best castles in the UK, and today was my chance to see them. Starting in Bamburgh (middle photo) located right on the beach, this was the grandest and is still lived in to this day. I decided to go inside and take a look at some of the state rooms (see below). Not quite as grand as Alnwick a few days ago, but still well worth the visit. Next up I visited Holy Island. Just a quick stop there to look at the castle from a distance as the tide was coming in and threatened to cut me off, leaving me stuck on the Island for the rest of the day. Then off to Berwick upon Tweed where you can walk around the walled market town on the encampment that still remains today. Finally the National Trust castle of Dunstanburgh. Again, just a fleeting visit for this one as it was already closing time by the time I got there. Although by this point I was definitely all castled out! A great day of driving in Frida and experiencing all that the Northumberland coastline has to offer, including dipping my feet in the cold but clear waters of the North Sea - a must for me at every beach I visit, anywhere in the world.

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3 commentaires

02 oct. 2020

Granny still used to paddle in the sea in Northumberland in her 90’s so it must be good for you! 👍🏻 (normally followed by an ice cream! 😜)


01 oct. 2020

Very pretty toes! You’re braver than me, I don’t do The North Sea! Gorgeous photo’s too. x


01 oct. 2020

Good pedicure!

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