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North Norfolk Coast

After staying inland by the broads for a few days, it was time to head to the coast - The North Norfolk Coast! With some of the best beaches in the UK, the north Norfolk coastline has a mixture of long sandy beaches and more pebbled coastline. Back to the wild camping for me in Frida, I parked up along the coastline right by the dunes then headed onto the beach to relax for a few hours looking out to sea. It's not warm now, so I was wrapped up with a flask of tea, but sheltered from the wind, all I wanted to do was chill. And after so many weeks of travelling, hiking and moving on, this was the prefect place to spend two whole days just doing that.

Sadly this was last few days away in Frida for this year. Having gone for a long walk along the beach towards Sheringham and back, on my return, I heard the news that once again the UK was entering lockdown. Although I can wild camp for a few days in Frida, I still need to be able to fill up water and empty waste, which usually requires a campsite. With non-essential businesses closing, this would be impossible. So now Frida has gone to her winter residence. I can't wait to collect her again in the spring and get back on the road!

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